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Today's cars can be intimidating just opening up the hood. We have the equipment and the expertise to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle.
Computer and Electrical Diagnosis
We use the latest equipment to diagnose your vehicle. We can diagnose nearly any make of vehicle. We also specialize in GM vehicles using a dealer diagnostic tool.

Maintenance Services
Today's cars are built to last longer than ever, and with proper maintenance, your car will put in many miles of service. These are a few of the services that we offer.
Oil Change
The most important part of vehicle maintenance is changing your car's oil on a regular basis. We service nearly any car made and will visualy check to help ensure that your vehicle won't let you down.
Transmission Flush
All of our transmission flushes use only the manufacturer approved fluid to ensure that your transmission is running under optimal conditions. We flush a minimum of 12 quarts of transmission fluid through your car's transmission to remove as many contaminates as possible.
Radiator Flush
What temperature is your coolant rated at? If it's not at least 25 below zero, it's time to get your coolant replaced with new properly mixed coolant. We drain your radiator and flush out the old coolant, then replace it with manufacturer approved antifreeze.
Fuel Injection Service
Your fuel may not be doing all that you would like when it comes to keeping your fuel system clean. Our injector flush will clean the varnish off of your injectors and help prevent them from sticking and allow your engine to run efficiently.
Many of today's cars use platinum spark plugs which last much longer than traditional copper plugs. The fuel filter, however, should still be replaced at regular intervals.

The tires on your car are a big investment. Make sure that you get the most out of them. Make sure that you get your vehicle aligned.
Our Alignments Most newer cars need a 4-wheel alignment to keep them going straight down the road. Most trucks and minivans, however, are only adjustable at the front wheels. Don't get charged for aligning rear wheels that aren't adjustable.
Vehicle won't start? Let us tow it for you!
We offer towing in and around Lincoln as a service to our customers.